Natural Sweeteners

Natural Sweeteners can be a part of every healthy diet.  Lose the sugar-insulin spike and gain a world of great tasting alternatives.

Best Natural Sweeteners

#1 Real Supplements Rated Best in 2020
Truvia Natural Stevia Sweetener Packets, (Net Wt. 16.92 oz), 240 Count (Pack of 1)
  • Zero-calorie sugar substitute made with stevia leaf extract, erythritol, and natural flavors
  • Box contains 240 packets of Truvia natural stevia sweetener
  • One packet provides the same sweetness as 2 teaspoons of sugar
  • Non-GMO, Gluten-free, sugar-free, kosher, and suitable for people with diabetes
  • Use in anything from your coffee, tea, fruit, cereal and yogurt to your favorite recipes
#2 Real Supplements Rated Best in 2020
Truvia Natural Stevia Sweetener, 9.8 oz
  • Zero-calorie sugar substitute made with stevia leaf extract, erythritol, and natural flavors
  • Jar contains 80 servings of Truvia natural stevia sweetener at 3/4 teaspoon each
  • 3/4 teaspoon provides the same sweetness as 2 teaspoons of sugar
  • Gluten-free, sugar-free, kosher, and suitable for people with diabetes
  • Spoon into anything from your coffee, tea, fruit, cereal and yogurt to your favorite recipes
#3 Real Supplements Rated Best in 2020
Lakanto Monk Fruit Sweetener, Classic, 8.29 oz
  • Contains zero net carbs, zero calories, and is zero-glycemic; Perfect for cookies, coffee, desserts, and other sweet, sugar-free treats
  • Matches the sweetness of sugar; A healthy cup-for-cup alternative to ordinary sugar
  • Works with ketogenic, diabetic, candida, paleo, vegan, low-carb, low-sugar, non-GMO, and all-natural diets
  • White sugar substitute for baking and cooking
  • A mix of monk fruit extract and erythritol with no fiber, no maltodextrin, and no artificial flavoring or sweeteners
#4 Real Supplements Rated Best in 2020
NOW Foods, Erythritol, Great-Tasting Substitute for Sugar, Zero Calories, Low Glycemic Impact, 2.5-Pound
  • Pleasant-Tasting Natural Sweetener
  • Great for Reduced-Calorie and Sugar-Free Recipes
  • Quantity - 2.5 lbs, Servings Per Container about 284
  • Low Glycemic Impact
#5 Real Supplements Rated Best in 2020
Erythritol Sweetener Natural Sugar Substitute 3lb - Granulated Low Calorie Sweetener High Digestive Tolerance Suitable for Diabetes Keto and Paleo - Baking Substitute Non GMO
  • ZERO CALORIES - Erythritol sweetener tastes and bakes like sugar while promoting healthy weight management that is why it is a perfect substitutes while baking sugarfree. Easily substitute Erythritol 1:1 in recipes in place of sugar.
  • PERFECT FOR KETO - HaleFresh's pure Erythritol Has Highest Digestive Tolerance Compared To Other Artificial Polyol Sweeteners.
  • GREAT FOR DIABETICS - HaleFresh Erythritol does not raise blood glucose or insulin levels which makes it the ideal source for your sweetened needs
  • NO AFTERTASTE - Our Erythritol Sweetener is the perfect sugarless substitute to add to your food or drink. There is no bitter aftertaste associated with other sweeteners like stevia and monk fruit
  • NON-GMO and Verified GLUTEN FREE - Each blend of HaleFresh's Erythritol granular sweetner is batch tested to ensure only the highest quality of Erythritol is used. Each batch is kosher certified as well
#6 Real Supplements Rated Best in 2020
Natural Mate Stevia All Purpose Natural Sweetener, 1 lb
  • Natural Mate All Purpose Granular Stevia is produced by a proprietary co-crystallization process, looks just like granular sugar, and offers an uniform & clean natural sweet taste without aftertaste. Bring your sweetener experience to the next level.
  • Natural Mate All Purpose Granular Stevia is suitable for baking, cooking, and hot & cold drinks. 0 calories and 0 glycemic impact. Can be used almost anywhere sugar is used, perfect for drinks, cooking, baking and more.
  • A great natural sweetener for entire family including people with diabetes. Perfect for every diet or weight loss program. 3/4 teaspoon per serving, 3/4 teaspoon equals to 2 teaspoons sugar sweetness. Each 1-Lb bag contains a total of about 130 servings or sweetness of 260 teaspoons of sugar (2.3 Lb.).
  • DIY Sugar Blend Baking Sweetener is easy & simple: Mix 1 cup of Natural Mate Sweetener with 3/4 cup of sugar. That is it.
  • The DIY Blended Sweetener is 2 times as sweet as sugar. Simply using half of this blended sweetener to replace the sugar called in your favorite recipes. This DIY blended sweetener bakes and browns like sugar with 78% fewer calories per serving than sugar.
#7 Real Supplements Rated Best in 2020
Monk Fruit Sweetener with Erythritol Granular - 1:1 Sugar Substitute, Keto - 0 Calorie, 0 Net Carb, Non-GMO
  • ZERO CALORIE & ZERO CARB - Healthy natural sweetener that tastes and bakes like sugar
  • NO BITTER AFTERTASTE - This erythritol and monkfruit combo is not only as sweet as sugar, it also has almost no aftertaste. In a blind taste test you might mistake it for sugar.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! We stand behind our monk fruit + erythritol blend 100%. If you decide our product isn't for you, just email us and we’ll refund you 100% of your money, no questions asked.
  • ZERO GLYCEMIC IMPACT - Suitable for Diabetics & Low Carb Dieters
#8 Real Supplements Rated Best in 2020
NAMANNA Monk Fruit Natural Sweetener 1:1 Sugar Substitute (1 LB)
  • 1:1 Sugar replacement.
  • Zero calories, zero glycemic index, zero sugar, zero aftertaste.
  • All natural. Non-GMO erythritol with Monk Fruit extract.
  • No additives. No pesticides. Kosher Certified. Halal Certified.
#9 Real Supplements Rated Best in 2020
It's Just - 100% Monkfruit Extract Powder, Keto Friendly Sweetener, Monk Fruit, Sugar-Free, Non-GMO, 25% Mogrosides, Non-Glycemic, 1.5oz
  • ONE INGREDIENT // The name says it all. It's Just - Monk Fruit Extract, Nothing Else! No junk, no fillers.
  • ZERO SUGAR // Monk Fruit is a great alternative to sugar with 0g sugar per serving.
  • NON-GLYCEMIC // Safe for all diets, Monk Fruit will not raise blood sugar.
  • CONCENTRATED // We use 100% Monkfruit Extract with 25% MogrosideV (the active/sweet part of the fruit).
#10 Real Supplements Rated Best in 2020
Monk Drops - 100% Monkfruit Liquid Sweetener, Zero Glycemic, Zero Calories, Zero Sugar, No Added Water, Concentrated Monk Fruit (350 Servings), 1.5 Fl Oz (Pack of 1)
1,986 Reviews
Monk Drops - 100% Monkfruit Liquid Sweetener, Zero Glycemic, Zero Calories, Zero Sugar, No Added Water, Concentrated Monk Fruit (350 Servings), 1.5 Fl Oz (Pack of 1)
  • ONE INGREDIENT // Monk Drops is a new kind of natural sweetener made from a single ingredient, monk fruit extract. In its liquid form, only a few drops on your tongue and you'll notice how sweet it is. We recommend adding 1 drop per ounce of coffee or tea. Bold coffee and flavorful teas will require additional drops. 12oz Coffee = 12 Drops (3-4 servings) as a starting point.
  • ZERO GLYCEMIC // Monk Drops are made from 100% monk fruit extract. They won't raise your blood sugar and has no glyemic impact
  • SAFETY CAP // Our BPA-Free bottle uses a child safety cap to prevent leaks and spills. We also include a micro dropper tip for precise and accurate drops. No uncontrolled squirts like many other bottles. Some settling may occur when left undisturbed for a while. Please shake well before use for maximum enjoyment.
  • APPROX 350 SERVINGS // The number of drops required will vary by user. Some notice sweetness after 3-4 drops, others will require 10-20 drops or more. It really depends on the type and volume of the liquid you want to sweeten. We don't add water or alcohol to our product like so many other brands.
  • RISK FREE // You'll love it or your money back, guaranteed. If you are not happy for any reason, please contact us for a full refund. ***Please Note*** Amazon does not allow automated returns of grocery items, please contact us so we can process your refund and return.
#11 Real Supplements Rated Best in 2020
Health Garden Monk Fruit Sweetener, Golden- Non GMO - Gluten Free - Sugar Substitute - Kosher - Keto Friendly (3 lbs)
  • All natural: quality is important to us and that's why our sweeteners are 100% all natural, making them fresher, richer in nutrients
  • Antioxidant rich: this sweetener is extracted from monk fruit, which has been used for medicinal purposes
  • Safe for diabetics: indulge in your cravings safely our 0 calorie, gluten free, non-glycemic formula makes this sweetener safe for diabetics
  • Sugar substitute: our monk fruit sweetener is a healthy substitute for table sugar & supports a fit lifestyle
  • No harmful additives: health garden manufactures 100% natural, low glycemic sweeteners that are free of artificial chemicals
#12 Real Supplements Rated Best in 2020
Anthony's Erythritol Granules, 2.5 lb, Non GMO, Natural Sweetener, Keto & Paleo Friendly
  • Premium Natural Erythritol Granular Sweetener
  • 70% as Sweet as Table Sugar with Virtually Zero Calories
  • Crystals that dissolve like table sugar, perfect for baking!
  • Low Glycemic Impact, Low Carb, Keto Friendly, 0 Calorie Sugar Alternative
  • Batch tested and verified gluten-free and Sulphur Dioxide Free, Non-GMO & Vegan
Sale#13 Real Supplements Rated Best in 2020
Whole Earth Sweetener Co. Stevia Leaf & Monk Fruit Sweetener, Erythritol Sweetener, Sugar Substitute, Zero Calorie Sweetener, 400 Count Stevia Packets
  • Stevia and monk fruit Sweetener packets: add the delicious sweet taste of Stevia leaf and monk fruit to your coffee, hot tea, iced tea or other favorite beverage
  • Erythritol sweetener: each carton contains 400 Packets of delicious whole earth sweetener Stevia and monk fruit natural* sweetener
  • Monk Fruit Sweetener: sweeten coffee or tea—even on the go!—without all the calories of sugar or raw sugar
  • Keto sweetener: with less than 1 gram of carbs per serving, this is a Keto diet friendly sweetener and a great choice for sweetening Keto food and Keto snacks
  • Zero Calorie Sweetener: contains no calories, no preservatives, no artificial flavors and no artificial colors; it is gluten free, Non-GMO Project Verified
#14 Real Supplements Rated Best in 2020
Whole Earth Sweetener Co. 100% Erythritol, 4 Pound Pouch, Natural Sugar Alternative, Baking Substitute, Zero Calorie, Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Keto
108 Reviews
Whole Earth Sweetener Co. 100% Erythritol, 4 Pound Pouch, Natural Sugar Alternative, Baking Substitute, Zero Calorie, Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Keto
  • ERYTHRITOL SWEETENER: Enjoy a delicious sugar alternative that tastes, bakes and measures just like sugar
  • ZERO CALORIE SWEETENER: Each serving of erythritol has zero calories and zero grams of sugar
  • NATURAL SUGAR ALTERNATIVE: A natural alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners, our granulated erythritol sweetener is sourced from a fermentation process using non-GMO corn and is Non-GMO Project Verified
  • BULK ERYTHRITOL SWEETENER: Packaged in a 4-pound resealable pouch, so you can easily sweeten your favorite foods and beverages
  • LOW GLYCEMIC INDEX SWEETENER: Erythritol is a low glycemic index sweetener and is a great choice for those following paleo, keto and candida lifestyles
#15 Real Supplements Rated Best in 2020
Purecane Sugar Substitute Baking Sweetener | Zero Calorie | Made from All Natural Sugar Cane | Diabetes-friendly | Keto-friendly | Gluten-free | 24 Ounce Pouch
  • Meet the new sweet: We discovered a revolutionary way to ferment sugarcane, bringing you the purest no-calorie sweetness in the world. Purecane is a 2019 World food innovation Award winner!
  • It's not magic. It's natural! Reb-m-the main ingredient in purecane-is a sweet molecule found in nature. We've found a way of creating it from sugarcane-so it's no wonder it tastes like sugar.
  • Easier for your body to process: diabetes-friendly! Purecane contains zero calories and is non-glycemic, which makes it simple for your body to metabolize; it won't spike blood sugar levels.
  • Sweeter for you and the planet: Purecane is made from sustainably sourced and Non-GMO sugarcane. And so is the box! But we don't recommend eating it-trust us, It tastes just like cardboard.
  • Bring out the sweet: enhance your favorite foods! Berries taste...Berry-er! Chocolate... Chocolatey-er! Iced coffee...Coffee-er! In a Purecane World, everything tastes like itself, only sweeter.
#16 Real Supplements Rated Best in 2020
Pyure Organic Stevia Sweetener Blend, 2:1 Sugar Substitute, Granular All-Purpose, 1 Pound (16 Ounce)
  • THE #1 BEST SELLING ORGANIC STEVIA SWEETENER- Pyure offers the same versatility and ease of use as traditional sugar without the added calories or carbohydrates
  • 2:1 SUGAR REPLACEMENT- Twice the sweetness of sugar, Pyure uses a higher percentage of organic stevia with less bulking ingredients making it approximately 2x sweeter than sugar
  • DELICIOUSLY SWEET GRANULATED SUGAR SUBSTITUTE- Cooks and bakes like real sugar for sweetening everything from cookies and cakes to coffees and tea or sprinkling over oatmeal and fresh fruit. Dissolves great and mixes well
  • TRUSTED FOR TASTE- Pyure uses the highest quality organic stevia and organic erythritol. All Ingredients are USDA Organic and non-GMO Project Verified
  • 0 NET CARBS- Pyure is sugar-free, 0 calories, and has a 0 glycemic index, making it perfect for keto, carb conscious and sugar sensitive lifestyles
Sale#17 Real Supplements Rated Best in 2020
Monk Zero - Monk Fruit Sweetener, Non-Glycemic, Keto Approved, Zero Calories, 1:1 Sugar Substitute (Granular, 16oz)
  • ZERO CALORIE & SUGAR-FREE // Monk Zero is the perfect 1:1 sugar substitute made from our proprietary blend of non-gmo Monkfruit and non-gmo Erythritol. Better ingredients means cleaner better tasting product, no bitter aftertaste.
  • KETO FRIENDLY // The perfect sugar alternative approved for all diets. Gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, sugar-free...
  • TASTES, BAKES, COOKS LIKE SUGAR // Finally you can cut the sugar from your diet without sacrificing the taste of the treats you love. Make sugar free cookies, cakes, brownies, ice cream, and more. The possibilities are endless...
  • SPECIAL DIET? NO PROBLEM // Monk Zero is the perfect all natural sweetener that is gluten free, vegan, non-gmo, keto approved, and even tooth-friendly.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE // We want you to be happy with your purchase! If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, just send it back for a full refund.
#18 Real Supplements Rated Best in 2020
SweetLeaf Natural Stevia Sweetener, 70 Count
  • Natural sweetener made from the stevia leaf
  • Ideal for people with diabetes or for those looking to manage their weight
  • No calories or carbs, no artificial ingredients
  • Non-glycemic response, no bitterness or aftertaste
  • Non GMO Project Verified
#19 Real Supplements Rated Best in 2020
SPLENDA Naturals Stevia Sweetener: No Calorie, All Natural Sugar Substitute w/ No Bitter Aftertaste. Single Serve Granulated Packets (80 count)
  • THE BEST TASTING STEVIA: SPLENDA Naturals Stevia gets its unique sweetness from Reb D, one of the tastiest extracts from the stevia leaf. (We believe the “D” stands for delicious!) Until now, you may have only tasted sweeteners with a stevia extract called Reb A, which can have a bitter aftertaste. By using a stevia extract that’s rich in Reb D, we have truly unlocked the naturally sweet taste of stevia.
  • 100% NATURAL: SPLENDA Naturals Stevia contains nothing artificial; no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives and is completely non-GMO.
  • ALL-PURPOSE SWEETENER: Use anywhere you would use sugar including in drinks, baking and sauces.
  • ZERO CALORIES: Calorie-free, sugar-free and great-tasting, SPLENDA Naturals Stevia is a simple step to cut calories and help with weight management. It's also suitable for people with Diabetes.
  • SWEETEN YOUR LIFE: With no bitter aftertaste, using SPLENDA Naturals Stevia granulated sweetener is the natural way to go and you won't miss the sugar!
#20 Real Supplements Rated Best in 2020
Swerve Sweetener, Bakers Bundle, Granular and Confectioners, 12 Ounce, pack of 2
  • BAKE & FROST YOUR CAKE: Have your sugar replacement pantry staples with a bag of Granular for replacing white table sugar and a bag of Confectioners for replacing powdered sugar.
  • TASTES AMAZING: Swerve is sweet and delicious. It is a natural sugar replacement that doesn’t have the bitter aftertaste associated with other sweeteners like stevia and monkfruit.
  • MEASURES LIKE SUGAR: If your recipe calls for a cup of sugar, simply replace with a cup of Swerve. Since it measures just like sugar, using Swerve in your favorite recipes will be a breeze.
  • ZERO NET CARBS: The ingredients in Swerve don’t affect blood sugar, so the carbohydrates it contains are considered non-impact.
  • NON-GMO VERIFIED: Only the highest quality ingredients are used.

Guide to Using Natural Sweeteners

The average American is taking in 400 calories a day from added sugars! And while the consumption of refined sugar is on the rise, so are artificial sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners like aspartame, sucralose, ACE K and saccharin have been debated for years in regard to their damaging side effects. (1)

While all of these sweeteners are technically “safe,” according to the FDA, they are coming under increased scrutiny because of their side effects. Side effects from artificial sweeteners range from headaches and migraines to shrunken thymus glands, impairment of liver and kidney function, and mood disorders.

Refined sugars aren’t healthy either. Side effects of refined sugars include diabetes, tooth decay, obesity, heart disease, certain types of cancer and even poor cognitive functioning.(2) (3) (4)

Over the last few years, corn growers and affiliated associations have pushed high fructose corn syrup as a natural sweetener. This is simply not true. The vast majority of HFCS is produced from genetically modified corn.

Fructose is a simple sugar that is rapidly metabolized by the liver causing a “sugar high.” This quick-acting sugar is believed to lead to increased storage of fat in the liver, resulting in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, digestive upset and atherosclerosis. (5)

Fortunately, there are natural sweeteners that are healthy and tasty alternatives to refined sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and artificial sweeteners. According to a study in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, substituting healthy sweeteners — including blackstrap molasses, maple syrup and honey — can increase the antioxidant intake. (6)

This study shows that replacing 130 grams a day of refined sugars (the average intake) with healthy alternative natural sweeteners can increase the amount of antioxidants you consume each day, in amounts similar to that of consuming berries and nuts.

Natural-source sweeteners, whether made from sugar cane or plants such as agave or maple, offer different nutritional benefits
As a general rule, the less the sugar source is processed, the more nutrients it will contain.

Nutrients in Sweetners

  • Blackstrap molasses contains a significant amount of nutrients, while Sucanat, turbinado sugar and evaporated cane juice contain only small amounts of vitamins and minerals.
  • Honey is rich in antioxidants and contains a little calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, zinc and B vitamins.
    Maple and agave nectar syrup also contain some nutrients. However, agave contains a whopping 90% fructose compared to 55% found in high-fructose corn syrup.
  • Stevia, an alternative natural-source sweetener derived from the leaves of a South American plant, is 250 to 300 times sweeter than table sugar, allowing it to sweeten foods and beverages without providing added calories or carbohydrates.

Sweetness and calories among other sugar choices don’t vary significantly. Products derived from sugar cane supply about 30 calories for every 2 tsp. (10 mL). Agave nectar, brown rice syrup, honey and maple syrup provide 40 to 45 calories per 2 tsp. (10 mL) serving.

Regardless of the source, sugar is sugar and no single sweetener provides a significant amount of nutrients, so limit all sugar and sweet treats.

Raw Honey
Key Health Benefits: Contains enzymes, amino acids, iron, calcium, magnesium and Vitamin B6. Has anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties.

Flavour Profile: Depends on where you live, the season and what flowers the bees are pollinating. Honey can be fruity, floral, caramel-esque, woody.

How to Substitute: Use 1:1 for a refined liquid sweetener


Maple Syrup
Key Health Benefits: Anti-oxidant rich, high in manganese, zinc (for immunity + hormone health) and calcium.

Flavour Profile: Depends on the grade (light, medium, dark) and when the tree was tapped. Generally, the lighter grades are more gentle and mild, while the darker grades are deeper, richer and nuttier.

How to Substitute: Use 1:1 for a refined liquid sweetener

Coconut Syrup
Key Health Benefits: Like coconut sugar, it has minerals, amino acids, Vitamin C and B vitamins, and is low on the glycemic index.

Flavour Profile: It has a light, caramel flavour.

How to Substitute: Use 1:1 for a refined liquid sweetener

Coconut Sugar
Key Health Benefits: An abundant source of minerals, 17 amino acids, Vitamin C for immunity and B vitamins for energy and managing stress. Low on the glycemic index as well.

Flavour Profile: It has a light, caramel flavour.

How to Substitute: Use 1:1 for a refined dry sweetener

Key Health Benefits: A by-product of refining cane sugar, but unlike processed sugar, it is full of nutrients like iron for energy, calcium for bone health, magnesium, Vitamin B6 and selenium.

Flavour Profile: Depends on the variety – lighter molasses is mild, while darker varieties can be strong and even slightly bitter.

How to Substitute: Molasses has a strong flavour, so you may not want to sub it 1:1 for a liquid sweetener. Start off by using 1/2 molasses, and 1/2 of another natural sweetener.

Key Health Benefits: It doesn’t affect blood sugar levels, making it a common sweetener for diabetics. It can help with weight control (because it’s calorie-free) and blood pressure.

Flavour Profile: Very, very sweet – it’s about 150 times sweetener than sugar. Some brands have a bitter, metallic taste – we prefer to use green powdered stevia rather than the clear liquid or white powders.

How to Substitute: Use 1 tsp of stevia for 1 cup of dry sugar

Yacon Syrup
Key Health Benefits: Derived from a tuber, it has 20 essential amino acids, antioxidants and high levels of potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron and phosphorus. Yacon supports heart health, boosts the immune system and contains fructooligosaccharides (FOS), which are prebiotics that help with the growth of beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract.

Flavour Profile: Deep and rich, similar to caramel or molasses.

How to Substitute: Use 2/3 cup for 1 cup liquid sweetener

Key Health Benefits: Rich in fibre, iron, beta carotene and Vitamin B3, which helps us synthesize energy from food.

Flavour Profile: Has a mild, caramel flavour

How to Substitute: Use 1:1 for a refined dry sweetener

Monk Fruit Sugar
Key Health Benefits: No calories or impact on blood sugar levels, contains some Vitamin C.

Flavour Profile: Like stevia, monk fruit is much sweeter than sugar – some sources report it is anywhere from 150-400 times sweeter than sugar!

How to Substitute: Technically, you can swap it 1:1 for a dry sweetener. Given how sweet it is, you may want to alter that ratio based on your preference.

Fresh Fruit (Applesauce, Bananas)
Key Health Benefits: Mashed or blended fruit contains all of the nutrients of their whole food counterparts. Apples are rich in fibre, Vitamin C, and other antioxidants, while bananas are high in fibre and potassium.

Flavour profile: Applesauce is quite mild in recipes, while banana has a stronger flavour.

How to Substitute: Use 1:1 for liquid sweeteners. Both applesauce and bananas are a great substitute for eggs in baking.

Agave (do not use unless raw)
Key Health Benefits: Rich in vitamins and minerals and a source of inulin (a prebiotic), low glycemic. Is controversial due to its high fructose content.

Flavour Profile: Like a combination of maple syrup and honey, much sweeter than sugar

How to Substitute: Depending on preference, sub 2/3 cup to 3/4 cup agave for 1 cup liquid sweetener

Date Sugar (Or Date Paste)
Key Health Benefits: Rich in fibre, potassium, magnesium and iron.

Flavour Profile: Similar to brown sugar, butterscotch-eque and caramel-like.

How to Substitute: Use 1:1 for a refined dry sweetener.

Key Health Benefits: Low calorie and low glycemic, also beneficial for dental health.

Flavour Profile: Very similar to white sugar.

How to Substitute: Use 1:1 for a refined dry sweetener. Too much xylitol can have a laxative effect though, so proceed with caution! You may want to start off slowly.

Some general tips for making substitutions:

  • Try to sub a natural liquid sweetener for a refined liquid sweetener, and a natural dry sweetener for refined dry sweetener, especially in baking. This helps to keep the ratios even and you don’t have to fuss around with altering other ingredients in the recipe.
  • Try reducing the amount of sugar you use. While many natural sweeteners can be replaced 1:1, we like to see if we can reduce our dependency, even on the natural sugars. If a recipe calls for 1/2 cup sugar, we might try a 1/4 cup to a 1/3 cup instead and go from there.

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