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Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw Zinc, 30mg Whole Food Zinc Supplement + Vitamin C, Trace Minerals & Probiotics for Immune Support, Certified Vegan Non-GMO & Gluten Free Zinc Supplements, 60 Capsules
  • Zinc with Vitamin C: Our Zinc supplement provides whole food nutrition with 30mg of RAW Zinc (over 250% of the new Daily Value) plus 60mg of RAW Vitamin C, both in a Whole Food form for optimal nutrient absorption and utilization
  • Natural Cofactors: Raw Organic fruits & vegetables, alkalizing trace minerals and probiotics & enzymes add additional antioxidants, vitamins and cofactors to Vitamin Code Vegan Zinc pills, enabling the natural recognition of nutrients by your body, as nature intended
  • Why Raw Zinc? RAW means these Zinc pills are made without high heat, and they contain no synthetic or filler ingredients - just Raw, food created nutrients for immune system support, skin health and eye health, as well as prostate health
  • Probiotics & Enzymes: Our plant based Zinc vitamin includes a Raw Probiotic and Enzyme blend for added digestive support
  • Vegan Zinc: Our real food Raw Zinc supplement is Third-Party Certified Vegan, Non-GMO Project Verified, NSF Gluten Free and Star K Kosher
#2 Real Supplements Rated Best in 2020
Best Naturals Zinc Citrate 30 mg - Immune Support - 120 Tablets
  • PREMIUM FORMULA - Our Zinc Tablets are the made with high quality Zinc Citrate
  • 3rd Part Lab Tested - Our All Best Naturals Products come with 3rd Party Independent Lab Tested
  • Zinc Supplement supports healthy immune function & Supports Enzyme Functions
  • No Artificial Color, Flavor or Sweetener, No Preservatives, No Sugar, No Starch, No Corn, No Soy, No Egg, No Lactose, No Gluten, No Wheat, No Yeast, No Fish
  • TOP QUALITY GMP CERTIFIED PRODUCTS - All Best Naturals products are manufactured in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), among the highest standards in the world -- Proudly Made in USA -- Purity & Potency.
#3 Real Supplements Rated Best in 2020
Sambucus Elderberry Capsules with Zinc & Vitamin C - Women & Men's Daily Herbal Supplement for Immune Support, Skin Health - Powerful Antioxidant - Natural Elderberries - Veggie Caps - 60 Capsules
  • ADVANCED IMMUNE SUPPORT FORMULA: BioSchwartz Sambucus Elderberry contains Zinc and 133% Vitamin C, two crucial vitamins and minerals that can help boost immunity. When paired with Elderberry, these effects can be amplified and give you the protection you need against yearly winter germs.
  • POWERFUL ANTIOXIDANTS: Elderberries are very high in antioxidants and can fight free-radicals and reduce oxidative-stress. These antioxidants can help your body remain balanced and working the way it should. Traditionally used for thousands of years to support a healthy immune system, Elderberry plays a key role in a number of critical functions within the body.
  • IMPROVE SKIN HEALTH: The pair of Vitamin C and Zinc can promote firm and healthy looking skin. Vitamin C can protect collagen and elastin of the skin, while Zinc can promote the formation of connective tissues, an important factor in maintaining skin health. Added with Elderberry, this supplement can help you feel and look your best.
  • FORMULATED BY PROFESSIONALS: BioSchwartz Sambucus Elderberry capsules were specially formulated with the highest quality ingredients to promote immune support and a healthy immune system.
  • HIGHEST QUALITY INGREDIENTS: BioSchwartz only uses all-natural ingredients. This premium formula is purity tested and free of GMOs, preservatives, and the most common allergens: dairy, soy, and gluten. These capsules are vegetarian and are free of shellfish, wheat, egg, sugar, sweeteners, and peanuts.
#4 Real Supplements Rated Best in 2020
NutriFlair Zinc Gluconate 50mg, 100 Tablets - High Potency Immune System Booster Supplement Pills, Immunity Defense, Powerful Natural Antioxidant, Non-GMO, Compare with zinc picolinate, citrate, oxide
  • ULTRA-POTENT ZINC TABLETS - Formulated with 50mg of powerful support in every daily dose, our zinc supplement for men and women helps fortify immune system health and boost your immunity defense with year-round support
  • REVITALIZE NATURAL ENERGY LEVELS - Zinc tablets are also a great way to improve your cognitive function which impacts focus, clarity, mood, and overall energy. This makes it an ideal daily vitamin to help keep you on track at work or at home
  • IMPROVE SKIN ELASTICITY – Our zinc supplement contains age-defying and collagen boosting antioxidants that promote firmer, healthier-looking skin with improved clarity and vibrance for youthful clarity
  • FASTER, MORE EFFICIENT ABSORBENCY – This zinc vitamin supplement absorbs more rapidly into your system to start working faster and to give you that natural immune, skin, and mood boost you need to be at your best every day
  • AMERICAN MADE AND PURITY TESTED – Manufactured in a duly-registered and GMP-certified facility right here in the USA, our zinc gluconate supplement pills are backed by our unbeatable quality, efficient, and 30-day refund policy for customer satisfaction
#5 Real Supplements Rated Best in 2020
Elderberry, Vitamin C, Zinc, Vitamin D 5000 IU & Ginger Immune Support Supplement, 2 Month Supply (120 Capsules) - 5 in 1 Daily Immune Support for Adults
  • 5 POWERHOUSE IMMUNE SUPPORTING INGREDIENTS* – Viva Naturals elderberry capsules for adults combines the strength of not one–but five high-quality, immune-supporting ingredients.* Sambucus elderberry and ginger help provide antioxidant support, zinc oxide (an essential nutrient) helps to promote immune function, and for an extra immune boost, we’ve added vitamin D3 5000 IU and vitamin C to bring you a powerful elderberry supplement great for any season.*
  • MORE ELDERBERRY PER SERVING (1000 mg) – Elderberries (Sambucus nigra) have been known to be high in antioxidant support.* Our 5-in-1 elderberry supplement is packed with 1000 mg of our super-concentrated elderberry extract per serving. Not only is that more than the average elderberry supplement, but it’s also equivalent to 4000 mg of dried fruit! Unlike messy syrups or chalky elderberry pills, our elderberry capsules make it effortless to get the immune supporting benefits you need.*
  • GET YOUR DAILY INTAKE OF VITAMIN C – Your new go-to elderberry supplement is also packed with an essential daily immune booster—vitamin C.* With 400 mg of vitamin C in every serving, our elderberry capsules for adults provide daily antioxidant support and immune function support you can take before heading into a busy office, or even while travelling.*
  • GINGER & ZINC + MORE THAN 100% DV OF VITAMIN D3 – To help keep your healthy immune system in top shape, our elderberry capsules are each packed with more than a full serving of vitamin D3 5000 IU and 10 mg of zinc oxide and 300 mg of ginger for added benefits.*
  • 2 MONTH SUPPLY OF POWERFUL IMMUNE SUPPORT* – While other brands supplements will only last you 30 days, Viva Naturals brings you exceptional value with a two-month supply of our powerful immunity formula at a great price. Every bottle is packed with 120 easy-to-swallow black elderberry capsules, and each capsule contains our highly concentrated powerhouse blend of immune supporting ingredients.*
#6 Real Supplements Rated Best in 2020
Now Foods, (2 Pack) Zinc, 50 mg, 250 Tablets
  • Immune Support
  • Supports Enzyme Functions
  • Non-GMO
  • A Dietary Supplement
  • Vegetarian - Vegan
#7 Real Supplements Rated Best in 2020
Spring Valley - Zinc 50 mg, 200 Ct
  • Micro-thin Coated Caplets for Easy Swallowing.
  • Recommended as part of a daily regimen for women's health, winter wellness, and immunity.
  • Helps improve sense of taste, particularly in the elderly.
  • Promotes antioxidant activity; contributes to a healthy pregnancy.
#8 Real Supplements Rated Best in 2020
Zinc 50mg Supplement, Highly Absorbable Zinc Supplement for Immune Support System, Best Zinc Supplements - 120 Capsules – [4 Month Supply]
  • Zinc 50mg for Immune Health Support*
  • 4 Months Supply Zinc Mono Methionine is Superior Absorption & Retention
  • Vegan High potency – Zinc Mono Methionine
  • Boosts Sleep and Energy Levels- Taking zinc everyday may support cognitive ability, mood, energy levels and promote a more restful sleep. The antioxidant effects of Zinc also help improve the elasticity of your skin. *
  • MADE IN USA. Lab tested
Sale#9 Real Supplements Rated Best in 2020
Nature's Way Sambucus Elderberry Gummies, Herbal Supplements with Vitamin C and Zinc, Gluten Free, Vegetarian, 60 Gummies (Packaging May Vary)
  • TRIPLE ACTION IMMUNE BLEND*: Sambucus elderberry gummies are made from European black elder (Sambucus nigra L.) has been traditionally used as a winter remedy for immune support.* Made with our unique, full spectrum black elderberry extract, ensuring Flavonoid BioActives content, which has been tested and shown to be active within the body.
  • PREMIUM ELDERBERRIES: Elderberry gummies are made from a unique cultivar of black elderberries with a higher level of naturally-occurring flavonoids; each serving delivers 50 mg of black elderberry extract, vitamin C and Zinc.
  • STANDARDIZED BIOACTIVES: Full-spectrum black elderberry extract is standardized to anthocyanins, which are potent flavonoid BioActives.
  • TESTED FOR BIOAVAILIBITY: Our elderberry extract has been tested for bioavailability and activity within the body.
  • Gluten and sugar-free. Citrus flavor.
#10 Real Supplements Rated Best in 2020
Magnesium Zinc & Vitamin D3 - Most Bioavailable Forms of Magnesium - Malate, Glycinate, Citrate - MagWell by LiveWell | Bone & Heart Health, Immune System Support - 120 Capsules
  • BOLSTER BONE AND MUSCLE STRENGTH: Magnesium helps your body use and absorb calcium, improving the body’s ability to maintain healthy bones and improve bone strength.
  • ENHANCES IMMUNE SYSTEM FUNCTION: Magnesium and zinc have been found to boost the creation and function of immune cells.
  • CARDIOVASCULAR HELP: Every ingredient in Magwell is a type of antioxidant, which helps improve heart health and more.
  • 120 CAPSULES: A 2-Month supply for convenient dosages and an easy daily routine.
  • DEFICIENCY FIGHTER: With an average of nearly half of all Americans suffering from a magnesium deficiency, this powerful supplement ensures your body has all you need for a healthy lifestyle.
#11 Real Supplements Rated Best in 2020
#12 Real Supplements Rated Best in 2020
EZ Melts Zinc for Immune Support, 30 mg, Sublingual Vitamins, Vegan, Zero Sugar, Natural Blueberry Flavor, 60 Fast Dissolve Tablets
  • Zinc supports healthy digestive and immune system function
  • Promotes protein synthesis and healthy hormone levels
  • Supports skin health and cellular renewal
  • 60 fast melting tablets with "Blueberry Blast" flavor. Zinc oxide chewable mineral vitamin supplement
  • MADE IN THE USA: Zero Sugar, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, Natural Flavors, Natural Sweeteners, Natural Colors
Sale#13 Real Supplements Rated Best in 2020
Nutricost Zinc Picolinate 50mg, 240 Veggie Capsules - Gluten Free and Non-GMO (240 Caps)
  • 240 Veggie Caps Per Bottle
  • 50 mg of Zinc Per Serving
  • 240 Servings of Zinc Picolinate Per Bottle
  • Non-GMO and Gluten Free
  • Manufactured In a GMP Compliant, FDA Registered Facility
#14 Real Supplements Rated Best in 2020
Immuneti - Advanced Immune Defense, 6-in-1 Powerful Blend of Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Zinc, Elderberries, Garlic Bulb, Echinacea - Supports Overall Health, Provides Vital Nutrients & Antioxidants
  • SUPPORT YOUR IMMUNITY - Vitamin C & D3, Elderberries, Zinc, Echinacea and Garlic are known to enhance immunity. Our spectrum natural blend combines the most effective ingredients to proactively support your immune system.
  • OVERALL HEALTH - 6 in 1 powerful blend is the complete formula for immune support and overall health. Immuneti supports a healthy heart & respiratory function, promotes skin health, provides vital nutrients, and improves daily stress & mood.
  • COLD & FLU SUPPORT - Our combination of Garlic and Elderberry helps reduce the occurrence of the seasonal common cold and flu as well as reducing the severity of symptoms.
  • POWERFUL ANTIOXIDANTS - Vitamin C and Elderberry extracts are naturally occurring antioxidants that help reduce stress. Antioxidants that support healthy brain aging and mild memory problems associated with aging.
  • MADE IN THE USA: Our formula is NATURAL, ALLERGEN-FREE, GLUTEN-FREE, and made in a facility following strict GMP guidelines to ensure safety and quality.
Sale#15 Real Supplements Rated Best in 2020
Good State - Ionic Liquid Zinc Ultra Concentrate
  • YOUR BODY NEEDS ZINC: Zinc deficiency can adversely affect everything from the immune system to your body’s wound-healing and infection-fighting abilities. Only 10 drops of our supplement a day can help your body get what it needs to stay healthy.
  • HIGH ABSORPTION: The high bioavailability and charged ion nature of Good State trace minerals makes for quicker and better absorption by the body than pills. These liquid zinc drops enter your bloodstream within minutes after being ingested.
  • SUPERIOR TO PILLS: With this item, hard-to-swallow capsules will become a thing of the past. A tiny bit of this liquid goes a long way, which makes getting your recommended daily intake a breeze! All you need is 10 drops in water or juice once a day.
  • HIGHEST QUALITY: We take pride in bringing you only the best food-grade natural products. They are free of unessential additives, sugars, starch, artificial flavors, colors and preservatives. They are hypoallergenic and suitable for any diet.
  • THE GOOD STATE MISSION: Our goal is to make getting your daily minerals easy by providing you with only the best supplements. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if you're unhappy with your purchase, you can send it back for a full refund.
#16 Real Supplements Rated Best in 2020
Immunity Boost Supplement with Elderberry, Vitamin A, Echinacea & Zinc - Once Daily Multi-System Immune Defense - Promotes Healthy Stress Response - Supports a Healthy Respiratory System - 90 Capsules
  • IMMUNE SUPPORT: BioSchwartz Clean & Ultra Pure Immunity Boost defense formula features Vitamin C, Zinc, and 17 natural ingredients including Elderberry & Echinacea to help strengthen the body’s defenses to keep you protected year round with extra immunity support.
  • PROMOTES ANTIOXIDANT ACTIVITY: BioSchwartz Clean & Ultra Pure Immunity Boost has powerhouse antioxidant ingredients including Elderberry, Zinc and Vitamin C to help fight off free radicals that can damage cells and impact immune health.
  • PURITY TESTED AND ALLERGEN FREE: Each and every batch of our Immunity Boost Formula is third party tested to guarantee the highest purity, potency, and premium quality. Our formula has been manufactured without GMOS, soy, gluten, milk, egg, wheat, peanuts, or shellfish. They also don't include preservatives, artificial ingredients, fillers, chemicals or color additives.
  • FORMULATED BY PROFESSIONALS: Each one of our professional grade supplements is created by a team of highly experienced healthcare professionals in the USA following strict GMP guidelines to ensure the greatest benefits are achieved.
  • 100% SATISFACTION - MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We want you to be fully satisfied! That’s why we back every order with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee so you can shop with confidence. If you are not satisfied with our product, you are protected by our no questions asked, money-back guarantee.
#17 Real Supplements Rated Best in 2020
Optimum Nutrition ZMA, Zinc for Immune Support, Muscle Recovery and Endurance Supplement for Men and Women, Zinc and Magnesium Supplement, 180 Count (Packaging May Vary)
  • Packaging may vary - New look, with the same trusted Quality
  • Zinc Provides Immune Support
  • ACTIVE LIFESTYLE FORMULA - your body demands greater nutritional needs to fuel your active lifestyle, ZMA can help fill gaps in your micronutrient intake
Sale#18 Real Supplements Rated Best in 2020
Nature's Way Zinc, 30 mg per serving (Packaging May Vary)
  • Zinc is essential for cellular reproduction and is present in all tissues, organs and secretions of the body
  • It is provided in an advanced chelate complex for optimal absorption.
  • Chelate complex for cellular reproduction
  • Gluten-Free
#19 Real Supplements Rated Best in 2020
Elder-Mune Sambucus Elderberry Gummies - Antioxidant Flavonoids, Immune Support Gummy Vitamins, Zinc Supplement & Vitamin C Supplement
  • 3-IN-1 IMMUNE BOOST. Elder-Mune combines sambucus elderberry, a potent antioxidant extract that helps support immune system health, with immunity boosters vitamin C and zinc to create your go-to, 3-in-1 immunity boosting elderberry gummies
  • ANTIOXIDANT POWERHOUSE. Antioxidants are your wellness BFFs, working to fight off free radicals and keep your body healthy, balanced, and functioning properly. Elderberry is world famous for its antioxidant power, supporting your immune system year-round
  • MAX STRENGTH ELDERBERRY POWER. Elder-Mune gummies give you what other elderberry gummies can’t—one of the highest potencies of lab-tested sambucus elderberry extract on the market, with 125mg per serving and a natural flavor that tastes great
  • IMMUNE SUPPORT FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY. Your whole crew will love taking Elder-Mune. With critical immune boosters elderberry, vitamin C, and zinc, a delicious flavor, and powerful immune support for kids, your entire family will keep coming back for more
  • WHAT SETS US APART? At Zhou, we use only the highest-quality ingredients in a facility following GMP (good manufacturing practices). Plus, we test everything at our lab in Utah, so you can be confident that you’re fueling your body with the very best
Sale#20 Real Supplements Rated Best in 2020
Jarrow Formulas Zinc Balance 15 mg, Supports Immune and Antioxidant Protection, 100 Caps
  • Supports Immune and Antioxidant Protection
  • 15 mg of Zinc per serving, 140% Daily Value
  • No wheat, no gluten, no soybeans, no dairy, no egg, no fish/shellfish, no peanuts/tree nuts.
  • Copper (as Gluconate), 110% of Daily Value
  • Allergen information: gluten_free

Best 13 Benefits of Zinc

More than 300 enzymes and 3,000 proteins within the body require zinc to function. Secreted by the salivary glands, the prostate, and the pancreas, two to three grams of zinc are found in the body at any given time, although some conditions may lead to a deficiency. But the body’s production of zinc alone is not enough; you need to include foods rich in zinc in your everyday diet. Such foods include oysters, turnips, peas, oats, peanuts, almonds, pecans, and more. If diet is still not enough, additional supplementation may be needed.

Zinc plays a role in many bodily functions, including those related to the immune and digestive systems. It is also known to reduce stress, control diabetes, prevent macular degeneration, and so much more. Let’s look at just a few of zinc’s incredible health benefits.

1. Rejuvenates the skin

Zinc has shown to be an effective natural remedy for acne. It regulates the amount of testosterone within the body, which, when imbalanced, is known to cause acne. Zinc further benefits the skin by preventing the skin from becoming too dry or too oily, and it stimulates the production of white blood cells, which defend the body against infections that cause severe acne. Zinc is essential in producing collagen, a connective tissue that is necessary for cell repair and growth. Healthy amounts of collagen prevent wrinkles and promote a youthful glow. Finally, applying zinc topically can reduce the appearance of scars.

2. Promotes prostate health

This mineral is essential in prostate health. A deficiency can cause enlargement of the prostate and makes it more susceptible to tumors—both benign and malignant—and other forms of cancer.

3. Treats eczema

Eczema is an inflammatory and chronic disorder of the skin made worse by a zinc deficiency. This mineral heals chronic infections and allows skin cells to regenerate, keeping skin fresh and smooth. Eczema may not be entirely cleared up by zinc supplements, but many patients find their condition improves significantly when zinc levels are normalized.

4. Improves cognitive function

Zinc works in tandem with vitamin B6 to ensure neurotransmitters are functioning properly. When these neurotransmitters misfire or fail to transmit altogether, mental activity is seriously disrupted. Zinc is especially beneficial to the hippocampus, the part of the brain controlling conscious thought and memory. It is also helpful when recovery from a brain injury such as a concussion.

5. Maintains taste and smell

The taste buds and olfactory nerves are dependent on zinc. By consuming the proper amount of zinc, these valuable senses (which are interconnected) are protected, even when they are muted by a cold.

6. Treats and prevents infections

Speaking of colds, zinc decreases their severity and duration. It reduces the amount of cytokines, pro-inflammatory compounds that aggravate colds. Zinc also stimulates the activity of lymphocytes, which are found in the immune system and protect the body against disease. Finally, zinc also prevents fungal infections such as pneumonia and conjunctivitis.

7. Promotes weight loss

Zinc is known to prevent overeating by acting as a mild appetite suppressant. It does this by manipulating ghrelin, the hormone that signals hunger. Zinc is also an antioxidant that stimulates protein and enzyme synthesis as well as metabolism, enabling the body to make better use of the food it consumes.

8. Promotes reproductive health

This mineral is responsible for the synthesis and repair of DNA. A zinc deficiency while pregnant can lead to improper fetal development. In women, zinc aids in parturition and lactation, while in men, zinc assists in spermatogenesis and the development of the sex organs. Zinc prevents the sperm from expending unnecessary energy and protects the reproductive DNA inside the sperm; this ensures genetic information is passed on correctly. This mineral also helps produce the enzymes needed to help the sperm penetrate the egg.

9. Prevents cancer

Zinc promotes prostate health and plays a critical role in preventing tissue damage and cancer. As an antioxidant, zinc rids the body of free radicals, which cause cancer and other harmful diseases. These free radicals break down DNA and other cell structures, so it is imperative you consume enough antioxidants to destroy them.

10. Relieves fatigue

Zinc is essential for proper muscle function, and when you experience muscle fatigue, your entire body becomes fatigue. Zinc increases energy levels, so a supplement may be exactly what you need to combat chronic fatigue.

11. Treats alopecia

Alopecia is an autoimmune disease that leads to hair loss in both children and adults. Zinc is often recommended to those suffering with alopecia, as it strengthens hair and can reduce hair loss.

12. Promotes bone health

Zinc aids in the production of hydroxyapatite, a salt that increases bone density and prevents fractures. This is an excellent supplement to begin taking as you age, particularly if you are at risk for developing osteoporosis.

13. Improves vision

Zinc stimulates many enzymes that utilize vitamin A, one of the most beneficial nutrients for supporting vision. Zinc is especially helpful in preventing and relieving night blindness. Foods such as beef, lamb, oysters, buckwheat, and crab are useful in protecting vision.

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